Ares K9 Test Bed X3

A combat robot dog.


Text Bed Patrol K9 Drone

This sleek, wolf like robot mad of metal looking armour panels, black balsitic cloth wrap its innards making it look almost skeletal in the dark when only the metal outer plating can be seen.
The metal is a bright silver but can be made to go mat black on command.

Being a text bed model it is lacking all the normal branding and frills a retal model would have.

Walker Drone Medium
Body 2 Armour 3 Sig 6
Sensors 2, Cargo 0, Load 20
Handling 2/2
Can walk up to 12 metes a turn
Run up to 48 meters a turn.

Fuzzy Logic AI core.
Pilot Rating 3 Adaption Pool 3
Iniative 6 + 2d6 if acting indpendently

It may mount 3 skill chips to increase it abilities. The following are in the box.

  • Dancing 3
  • SMG 1
  • Melee Combat 1
  • Intimidation 1
  • Scent Tracking 2 (allows tracking idvidules by scent)

There are two slots of some sort of custom upgrade chips to be fitted and a bank of verius diffrent connection ports behind a panel.

System Modes

  • Prime Directive detect intruders
  • May spend adaptation pool on sensor rolls.

Attack (singel target) / Attack (all hostiles)

  • Prime Directive attack hostile
  • May spend adaptation pool on combat actions

Take Down / Apprehend

  • as attack but restricted to non lethal
  • plus may spend pool on chasing / tracking the target.


  • Prime Directive Protect target
  • May spend adaptation pool on attack / defence etc when related to protecting the target.

Active command

  • Prime Directive follow one given order.
  • May spend adaption pool on any action directly following that order
  • reduce iniaitive by 1d6 due to the more open natrue of this instruction set and additional prepossessing time needed.

Built in Equipment
Chemical Sniffer R 3 set for drugs and explosives.
Loud speaker
Jaw with retractile Teeth

Optional Equipment in the Case
Equipment Slot A (many mount only one at once) Need a workshop to change

  • Extra Armour +2 Armour (Makes it look a whole lot meaner)
  • Back Turret Can mount up to SMG sized weapons
  • Stealth Covering +2 Sig a sleek stealthy fabric covering
  • Cargo Pod a large case size contaner that you can put stuff in

Equipment Slot B Head

  • Taser gun in head, also can teaser anyone it bites with out using ammo.
  • Advanced Sensors +2
  • Ultra Sound Sensor
  • High powered Search Light.

Equipment Slot C Sides

  • None, there are attachment points but you have nothing to fit in their.

Ares K9 Test Bed X3

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