Jericho's Combat Trike

A scratch built combat trike for a troll that has been converted for use by smaller creatures


Handling 4 on road 5 off road, Max Speed 145, Acc 10, Body 4, Armour 2, Sig 2, Range 600 miles


  • 1 rigger driver / gunner


  • 1 troll standing on back
  • 1 normal human, dwarf or elf sat behind the driver
  • 2 normal human, dwarf, ork or elf perched on the sides (1 each) they stand on a roll cage bar, have a handle to to hold on to and are protect by the vehicle armour only from the front.
    Rigger control interface


  • Turret with MG — 9S BF/FA Drum 80 rounds or belt feed

The was once the combat trike of a troll bandit gang leader, the crew ambushed them and took it as part of the loot. It has since been converted a little and it still a very effective vehicle

Jericho's Combat Trike

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