A shanty sprawling far and wide around a tall church standing in its centrer. Locatated deep in the Redmond Barrens Built mostly from prefabricated emergency flat packed housing. All the Streets are covered keeping the acid rain out as well as hiding many things from the preying optics of Lone Star spy drones

This maze of a place is so large with some many ways in and out it makes a perfect place for less than legal things to be arranged. Almost anything can be bought or sold here if you know the right people and have the right amount of money.

Key Facts

  • The base of operation of Ravensworth who is said to have had a lot to do with the set up of the place. He runs several teams of shadow runners out of the place.
  • Large Black Market
  • With so many powerful groups here all to do business causing trouble can be bad for your health.
  • Local security is provided by the local criminals that use Church as a base of operations and Church Security who are employed directly by Ravensworth
  • Spirits keep watch to keep out those pesky Astral projecting Mages the star keep trying to sneak in.
  • It is said there are passages in to the Ork Underground but only a few people are said to know where these are.


  • Rick’s A main bar for Ravensworth’s shadow-runners and those with money or influence with in Church.
  • Covered Market Many stalls selling almost everything, expect a stiff mark up unless you know people. Relies on the protection granted by Church Security to keep the peace and keep the traders safe.


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