Redmond Barrens

The Barrens are run down and almost falling to pieces but life, civilisation and utilities are still maintained (mostly) by the people that live there and not any corp or government. They are the dark underbelly of Seattle; a city size slum.

In Redmond a scrap of food or a cheap trinket can be a reason to die. Bands of squatters and gangs attack the weekly convoys of armed trucks that deliver food to the district’s few grocery stores.

The only safety and security here is what people make for themselves. Corporations build facilities and with guards, drones and auto turrets. Gangs firmly defend their turf from everyone, larger criminal syndicates claim their own little pieces. “Normal” people club together forming self protection gangs/ vigilantes.

The average yearly income is less than ¥6000 so barely enough to survive on the cheapest foods. There is a reason that most people turn to crime or other less-than-legal professions to try and supplement it.


AAA, AA, A, B Zones

There is no where that nice in the barrens

C Zones

The nicest and cleanest parts of Redmond, you can walk on the street without body armour and be almost comply sure you will not get killed in most places (during the day). This place is kept nice, as richer people from other parts of the city come her to “slum” it or take advantage of the many things organised crime is willing to sell to them. Behind closed doors almost any vice can be sated here. Both organised crime and Lone Star want to keep the peace here, as both like their profits.

  • Touristville Home of the District Government offices and many “entertainment” facilities and other things.

D Zones

Most of these are former Industrial and business buildings now put to other uses by the people that claim them. Low lives and criminal are common but Lone Star actual answers calls to these locations so not so many running gun battles in the streets here.

  • Redmond Industrial Zone Run down, mostly abandoned industrial buildings; a few are still open but are heavy fortified, and as they still pay money to Lone Star it still patrols here.
  • Toxic Castle Huge fortified walls topped with razor wire surround tall fortified factories run by the corporations. Everything is flown in as it is to risky to move valuable staff or resources by road in the barrens. The area between these compounds can be safe places to live as long as you don’t catch the attentions of the corporations.

E Zones

Not a place most people would chose to live, Run down aged buildings in what ever state the locals can keep them. Criminals and gangs rule, and for the most part Lone Star does not care about anything that happens here unless it makes too much noise, spills over to other areas or the press gets involved and they are forced to take action to protect their reputation.

  • Avandale Over half of this district is contested by two gangs; an Elf gang, and another large chunk by a Ork gang. If you’re an Elf or an Ork, setting foot in the wrong half can get you killed, as for other races also long as your willing to “accept” that what ever races turf you are in is “better” you can move about freely, just don’t cause trouble with the locals and be wary of stray bullets from the endless conflict between these two groups. Old schools, libraries, malls, apartment buildings, entertainment centres and even a sports stadium
  • China Town Triad controlled and protected area backs on to Touristville where an area with Chinese restronts etc are. Not a good place to be unless yourt he right sort of person.
  • Church a sprawling covered shanty under the protection of various organised crime groups. If you have the money or the skill its a good place to live.
  • Plastic Jungle Large Plastic Biodomes, miles across, acting as a giant green house for tropical jungles.
  • Kingsgate Before the crash of ’29, this was the centre of the computer industry of most the world. Now office buildings and light factories are put to other uses. A few of the food places and shops that use to serve the workers are still open – if under different management.
  • Haven A mix of decaying apparent buildings, suburbs, closed malls, and retail parks. Once upon a time it was one of the finest places to live. A Few grand, sprawling estates, previously the headquarters of the old computer corporations, or private mansions stand out as grandiose reminders of the past.
  • Purity This former residential area is now under the control of a human supremacist cult. If you’re human you can move without fear, if you’re anything else, they will kill you on sight – if you’re in luck. They have a lot more firepower than one would expect and its is clear they have powerful government sponsors.

Z Zones

About the worse place you can call home, the darkest, most lawless, unsafe places in all of Redmond. Homeless, squatters, chipheads, ghouls and other social castaways are about the most civil residents you will find in such a place. Violence and crime is commonplace – you take your life into your own hands entering such a place.

  • Crash Zone This is what happens when a space plane crashes into an urban zone, causing destruction, death and ruin. Bits of the space plane can still be seen in this ruin.
  • Glow City This mutant filled area is twisted with toxic sprites and monsters. A place to be avoided unless you have an army.
  • Rat’s Nest Once the city dump, now an infested mess of gangs and rats. There is a lot of good salvage to be had from here, if you want to take the risk. They still keep dumping more junk and refuse in here, as there is just no longer anyone left to managed this ever-growing tip.
  • Snoqalmire River Front Once lovely clean water this rive is now toxic and rank. Dangerous creatures and people prey on anyone that stray too close to it. Some people use the river to move stuff about the Barrens – it may even be marginally safer than the roads.

Redmond Barrens

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