Forged in the Shadows

Recovering shade

manage to track where shade is

turns out to be in a black magic market. selling illigae magical sercaces

raid the place with extream force, using a gattling gun to cut a hole in the wall before breaching with smokes and going in.

the defenders fall quick enough

the place is full with almost all the pop cultire traings of magic to make the place look authetnic.

jericos robo dog proves extreamly useful.

grak manages to easyly smite all the magical defences.

jecric eats a shotgun blast when operning a door in to a room.

save shade from being cut up with chain sword.


shade had a golden siper growing out her back and has been turned in to a thri eyes night evil demon thing.

recuse complet.

Missing People

People are dissipering from the barrens

Some in to the Univisal rother hoods care
Others in to a sealed tunnle that was closed and purged from the city recolds some 20 yhears ago.


And shade seem to have been kidnapted? Changed in to a monster, eeaten by a moster or what ever happend in a priticler bloody way. The motel she was staying in is a blood wreck.
Clean uo magic was justed a lot to hide any reall evidence.

Shades Dissaperance Info Found

  • Some one drilled a fiber optic cable in to shades rooms air vent from the roof. Which means who ever was their is likly able to be invisible.
  • A mage that was calsting the clean up magic seems to have been able to levatate.
  • they are not so good at hiding sceent as Jackobs new drone shows
  • The monster had 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 blade limbs and 2 unknown limbs at least.
  • They have acces to mind magic, as homeless man was fishing in the exitt parth and seemed to remmebe nothing after checking his memeory was wiped.
  • Thought it might be M the warf mind mage (a mind mage that can levates) checking in to it two weeks to answer turns up.
  • Gathered a matreal link to Shade and will investigate with that later

The Tunnle Info

  • It was sealed over 20 years ago, who ever sealed it did a good job.
  • It was sealed and roomed after a rood crash that caused an exposlison and broute the buildings built ontop of it down.
  • not too much fuse was made about it at the time despite it being the mane road from corp computers cutting the corner of the slumgs to reach copr industral buildings etc.
  • The deleation was started in the city recolds offcing in some dark basment some where and the program is still runing.
  • the programe is still good qualtiy and would have been increadbly state of the art (expence , illigale and should have been non exixtanve) back then.
  • a shady group offter 1000 people a job money in hand and bused them off in to the tunlle
  • non of them have been seen since.
  • have a materal link for one of the people that was taken.
  • The rare metals that were being bought up at favable to the seller price are beeen ing deliverd to the tunnle in a decret way.
  • they have top notch decreat defences, drones and security sensors etc.
  • Since Jacbo stole a bag of these metals they have raised thier security.
  • now have a long range carmare droine watching from a distance recording so no braodcast gives it away like the last carmare thea one of their mirco drones found.
  • at least some of their drones are Renaku branded.
  • The magical area round it feels wrong. Very wong.
  • thinkinh the people maybe using as scarfice to power the death bot.
A quite Month

After the encounter with the satanic demonic vampire killer doom robot being a little more reserved is pobley for the best

The date on the post is when the months downtime ends.


after being offered and rusfusing a mission from Ravenworths they crew instead takes the job to watch what unfolds. Due to it being risky.

  • It becomes possible that the rich phalaptest that died and will was in concestion in the first mission.
  • The set up is using camrads and drones to watch the scean
  • the other team is orks and humans
  • they bring a trash truch and park it out side, scael the walls and set up a cannon on the wall.
  • they end up felling 2 of their number being killed by a large demonic robot mosnter.
  • It has the skull the crew stole a time ago.
  • shade shoots one of the other team catching its attention
  • it looks stright at her.
  • Flee and lay low in carpark
  • Return to raven’s wrorth for debreifing.
  • Many thoughts and theroies about how and why all this is happning.
  • want to get a sample of the concreat that can be moeved though thanks to a spray.
New Toys
  • Why are they so hard to get?
Supply and Demand
  • Spent 3 days cashing the joint.
  • Surprisingly no one was killed as the group made heavy use of stun gas to subdue people.
  • Only one person was shot
  • That person ecaped in to a sewer tunnle , not sure if trhey are alive.
  • Delt with a Lone strt pattrol by dressing up in the gaurds armour and telling them everythign was ok.
  • Stole a secound rait auto fabuatotre for weapons
  • The pay for the job is in 5000¥ wroth of Areas kit.
Mage Hunting part 2
  • Found out the Mage was going to meet in the Rat’s Nest
  • got round the difficulty of check points by heading out in the back of a garbeg drone.
  • On leaving the drone was attacked by a hoard of scavengers and plague rats. Easily fended them off. (Other than the small bit of Shade trying complicated acobatics and throwing her smart goggles down a pit.)
  • The target mage turned out to be meeting a whole tribe of Rat Skins that turned up in an open toped lorry over thirty of them and lots of rats some the size of lions.
  • What they were selling to the mage was a toxic elemental in a bottle. For assassination that’s akin to using a nuke.
  • The meet was happening in the Colosseum of Steel
  • The crew desisded that there was little chance on taking on the whole mass of Rats and there was no way that the Mage should be allowed that bottle, or anyone else for that matter. Desisding that this was the best place for such things to be reliased Wishlist shot the bottle on the way out.
  • Runing like hell, triping falling and scabling as a huge 50 meter tall monster formed it self out of the black oze from the bottel and the scape metal of the Colossem. Its Burning green eyes radiated pure malice.
  • More Runing
  • Run some More.

*The magical reisnse

The Wait (Downtime)

You have a weak of “Downtime”

What are you going to do with your selves?
Train? Spar, study, watch Tri D TV? Partake in an of the vices or trade on the black floor where the mage was living?

Interact in any way?

(Seprate post to keep things ordered)

Those of you currently in the middle of training may need to find a way to continiue it during your time here or the raminaing time will be doubled if you have a break in your training of more than your int in days.

Mage Hunting

The crew is called in for another job.

The job is to track down a mage and get information from them in what ever means works.
The mage is meant to be a good stealth based mage so could be a useful person to hire given the crews stealth mage is currently disposed still working on the mission from lay Laying the foundations

They have been tracked to a B zone, and that means security and cops. The building security is run by Building Security Limited one of the most budget rent a cop / security firms in existence. The building is managed by Housing Inc another cheap company.

The matrix security of both is laughable but they know it so they keep a lot of their stuff off line.

It turns out the subcontract their key cards to another company. which also has poor security so an easy mark for a good hacker, the biggest thing in these groups favour is they are too small to be wroth messing with.

The apparent building is name Apple Tree Apartments apparently they once had an apple tree in the garden outside. That has now been replaced with a wall and a few auto turrets to keep the place safe. The Building has an underground car park and that is the main entrance the the building. Its dose not look like many if anyone just walk in form the street.

Will the crew dressed in corp grade cloths and now with newly printed and elivered valid key cards they playes head out.

With out working SINs thay can not get in to the right distirct of the citty so a bitt of money wheels contacts in the ork underground sorts that out.

The ork guild is riding one of the bikes you took as loot from the biker bandits defeated outside the devil ant contraimet zone.


So drive up to bulding us key cards etc it all works fine., Its just before shift change for the gaurds so they are tired and not payying too much attention. Yet the do manage to look like they are “good” security staff very quickly transforming form board slubs to polight secuity in the blink of an eye,

The securiy guards dont notice anything is up and they crew impression of corps back form a leate meating adds to thri cover

All the apareamtnes have all modon comfuts, many servis drones and the like. A rich place to stay.

have a corner room on floor 43 and 4 normal rooms adjacent turned in to it that has been converted to and sweet for co works to linv in.

security stuuff

the mages floor is a criminal run thing with vbrofle and fake security

There internal walls have been rearanged by hand by the look of thing, they lack the neatness and sturdyness of when the drones do it.

It a maze of illisite deseres both flesh and chemecal distractions are hawked to anyone passing. Many of the corp wage slaves living in the building use this floor as thier primary form of entiament.

Alogn the way the crew meet up meet up with an ork that is willing to help for a fee. helps out a little bit but not much. gets a cred stick with pocket change on seems happy enough with it.

The mage
is a altheltic male human, ablivus to the world in boxers and a teeshirt a sim sense headset on compley ablivisu to the world. He seems unremarkible.

His gear is more intresting.
A custom fitted mil spec steal suit that hides from IR, thoemr grapg is radar ands sound dampning. Very expensive but can only be used by the perosn it is made for. So worthless as loot. It looks well used and could use being repalced.
Grapple lanucher, flashbags, radio allarmclocks, a hammer, glass cutter, graple lancher etc.
Not a single weapon.

The mage goes by the name of Cloaker seems to be a complete coward

After he rellises that they are not just here becuase of his rent payment. he first veirw it as a test refusing to give out infomation as proff he is trust worthy. A few veiled and not so veiled treats quickly change his mind.

He seem to be undeicaled with limited knowledge of anything but he dos eknow some useful things.

Lady Griffon also known as the High Bitch lives in the three floor penthouse and has a pet griffon that she uses to eat people that goe aginast her. She has aparently huandrads of gaurds and at least 8 with her at all times.
All rent from the black floor goese to her and most people pay it by doing work for her. Those that work fo her have a small chip in their arms that acts as ID. Letting them though doors and decripting messages for them.

Its from her that he got his job to help the main target the unknown mage.

Facts on the Unknown Mage

  • Seemed to be able to become slight imcomporal (Maybe stealth?)
  • Can levatate and fly
  • Might be a mind mage
  • dresses like a nija in body armour, black warps, black cloths, black armour and black cloack.
  • Had esome strange metal symbols on the armour that Cloaker did not resocnise as anything
  • was talking to aminals that seem to be acting smart (so likly either controles, shapeshifters, spirts etc)
  • The animals seemed to be the ones using the tools.
  • the Mage looked though the fiberopticcable that had been place in the hoel draw in the wall
  • Left Cloaker to escape on his own.
  • Cloaker is expecting a job at some point to help him finish what he started.

So its a case of weighting till the call come in stuck in luxcare accomidation.

Tools and Targets

September 23, 2052 11:45

A quick side mission offered to help Shade with her debt problems and to act as part payment for the Investment the laying the foundations job is.

In ascendency is

The job is simple

impersonate members of the Slaughter Kings game and attack the MegaHeads game with the hopeful end result of starting a gang war.

Stuff captured from the kings is give to the crew to use,

So dressed up as gangers three targets to go to

MegaHead in Touristville Bar/ Matris cafe / Sim Sence black markert

Their heavy fortified main base MegaHead HQ in the Magma Wastes

A MegaBase 2 base that gathers power from the the reactor that is still running in Glow City

So a Multi GL is riged up to fire at the Lone Star compond as a distaction

All but Wheels ride to MegaHead and attack it, the operning is a volly of granades and then going in and shooting up the place and playing shound bites from recordings of the gang,

things are looted and taken away,


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