Forged in the Shadows

Laying the foundations

Ravensworth calls the crew and gets the mind mage, wish, wheels and shade.

A large area of slums next to the docks has been levaeld and walled off, this is where Renraku
Izzy is tasked with being invisible infultaror to mve things in and out.
M is taked with becming a dwaf enginer to head inside the place to start working on putting back doors and deat taps etc in the building as it is being constructed.


M? Who’s M? I know this dude called Jensen, wonderful worker – he’s recently acquired a twin brother, though, and I think he’s sort of stuck in a basement… :D.

So, yeah, M/Jensen is in the compound now, and Izzy is running stuff back and forth (mostly excellent software bugs and the like, courtesy of, of course..), all while we hope this pays off.

In the meantime, best to work on getting hold of more Muscle Toner™ – wonderful stuff, does a body good..

Laying the foundations
nightsclaw nightsclaw

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