Forged in the Shadows

Missing People

People are dissipering from the barrens

Some in to the Univisal rother hoods care
Others in to a sealed tunnle that was closed and purged from the city recolds some 20 yhears ago.


And shade seem to have been kidnapted? Changed in to a monster, eeaten by a moster or what ever happend in a priticler bloody way. The motel she was staying in is a blood wreck.
Clean uo magic was justed a lot to hide any reall evidence.

Shades Dissaperance Info Found

  • Some one drilled a fiber optic cable in to shades rooms air vent from the roof. Which means who ever was their is likly able to be invisible.
  • A mage that was calsting the clean up magic seems to have been able to levatate.
  • they are not so good at hiding sceent as Jackobs new drone shows
  • The monster had 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 blade limbs and 2 unknown limbs at least.
  • They have acces to mind magic, as homeless man was fishing in the exitt parth and seemed to remmebe nothing after checking his memeory was wiped.
  • Thought it might be M the warf mind mage (a mind mage that can levates) checking in to it two weeks to answer turns up.
  • Gathered a matreal link to Shade and will investigate with that later

The Tunnle Info

  • It was sealed over 20 years ago, who ever sealed it did a good job.
  • It was sealed and roomed after a rood crash that caused an exposlison and broute the buildings built ontop of it down.
  • not too much fuse was made about it at the time despite it being the mane road from corp computers cutting the corner of the slumgs to reach copr industral buildings etc.
  • The deleation was started in the city recolds offcing in some dark basment some where and the program is still runing.
  • the programe is still good qualtiy and would have been increadbly state of the art (expence , illigale and should have been non exixtanve) back then.
  • a shady group offter 1000 people a job money in hand and bused them off in to the tunlle
  • non of them have been seen since.
  • have a materal link for one of the people that was taken.
  • The rare metals that were being bought up at favable to the seller price are beeen ing deliverd to the tunnle in a decret way.
  • they have top notch decreat defences, drones and security sensors etc.
  • Since Jacbo stole a bag of these metals they have raised thier security.
  • now have a long range carmare droine watching from a distance recording so no braodcast gives it away like the last carmare thea one of their mirco drones found.
  • at least some of their drones are Renaku branded.
  • The magical area round it feels wrong. Very wong.
  • thinkinh the people maybe using as scarfice to power the death bot.


nightsclaw nightsclaw

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