Forged in the Shadows

Techtronics: Easy Money Part 2

Wait for the call from the Mr J

the hand over the case, got a case of money. The car that turned out was a black windowed sadan.

No driver, remot controled vehicel, humanoind drone in rear passenger seeat.

on throwing the give phone away after the dron almost reacts as if its a grande untill it notices what it is.

The case has the money in as expected.

A “biker” gang heads after the car, hi jacks it and takes all the cases from the car, the one with the skull, the one the money was in and another larger one from the boat.

The they head to a out of the way location answer a pay phone that rings and levaes the item behind. The the arangement that was done when you droped the lorry off from the first team mission.

The payphone vanished after the gang leaves. so likly a magical isslusion. the people the gang was dealing with were also invisible.

and thats that for that job.


nightsclaw nightsclaw

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