Forged in the Shadows

Tools and Targets

September 23, 2052 11:45

A quick side mission offered to help Shade with her debt problems and to act as part payment for the Investment the laying the foundations job is.

In ascendency is

The job is simple

impersonate members of the Slaughter Kings game and attack the MegaHeads game with the hopeful end result of starting a gang war.

Stuff captured from the kings is give to the crew to use,

So dressed up as gangers three targets to go to

MegaHead in Touristville Bar/ Matris cafe / Sim Sence black markert

Their heavy fortified main base MegaHead HQ in the Magma Wastes

A MegaBase 2 base that gathers power from the the reactor that is still running in Glow City

So a Multi GL is riged up to fire at the Lone Star compond as a distaction

All but Wheels ride to MegaHead and attack it, the operning is a volly of granades and then going in and shooting up the place and playing shound bites from recordings of the gang,

things are looted and taken away,


nightsclaw nightsclaw

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